Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Confessions of a Thrift-a-holic: (Online) Yard Sale Edition

It's that time of year again.  Time for my yearly yard sale.  Leave it to me to wait till June to have one.  I guess I am a glutton for punishment. 

Like a lot of people, the spring/summer time puts me in purge mode.  It's the season of yardsales, and time to spring clean (or in my case, summer clean), and get lighten your load. It's cathartic. 

But for me, when I enter our attic, it is a stark reminder of my past shopping binges, and it's mentally stressful.  I mean, it's stuff.  Things.  And the amount of the useless stuff literally makes me sick to my stomach. 

And lugging all the crap down to the garage sucks, because then it's a reminder to hubby of how much I have spent.  But thank goodness he doesn't say anything.  He forces a smile, sets up a tent and a fan, and helps me bring tables out to the driveway.  Yes, it's hard to comprehend spending $25 on a shower curtain that hung for 1 month, and then selling them for $5.  It makes no sense.  And believe me, it frustrates me more than anyone.

If you have lurked here for a while, you will remember that 2009 was my reality check.  And it's been a process of recognizing my behavior.  I still struggle.  Trust me.  It's an everyday battle between myself and home accessories--my drug of choice.

For a minute I thought--I'll put pics of some things on FB to sell before-hand.  I took some pics...posted a few on FB...sold a few things...then deleted the album.  Why?  Because it's sinful of how much crap I have bought.  And never used.  And never returned to the store.

I did use this rug.  Even when I bought it last year, I knew it was temporary. 

Sorry to give you a crick in your neck.  I bought 2 of these cedar chests from Big Lots when I was preggo with the Moose.  We never opened the 2nd one.  

And no doubt, a lot of things I have kept over the years because 'I might use it one day!'  Or--'I'll do that project next month!'  Even though I haven't touched it in 3 years. 

Like this picture from our first house. 

I can't bear to part with it.  I've brought it down to my past couple of yard sales.  The first time it didn't sell.  Since it's canvas my plan was to paint something over it.  Fast forward 2 years later.  Still sitting in the attic.  This year I brought it down again, but I couldn't put it out to sell.  My new plan is to take the canvas out of it, and put a mirror in it.  We'll see how and when I execute that project.  

I am addicted to round things...trays, plates, name it.  I sold this stack.  But there is another stack about 5 different stacks of round things I can't part with just yet.  Um, hello photo wall project!!

I usually buy the kid's clothes from consignment, or from a friend.  So I don't mind selling their things in a yard sale. 

ha!  I just noticed the leftover macaroni.  nice.

um, I think I have a throw pillow addiction, too.

While trying to change up my color scheme a little, notice all the green stuff that is being purged.

Ahhh yes...the Rooster phase...

It's sad that even after the purge, the attic is still full.  I still struggle.  Full of projects waiting to be completed, and accessories that I might use down the road.  (you never know...we could win the lotto and move into a bigger house!) 

Last year's yard sale brought in $600, which paid for my trip to South Beach. 

Hubby asked me what I was going to do with the money I made this year.  'Are you going to buy more stuff?' flushing)  huh?  Me?  Buy more stuff?  (cough, cough)  Is it hot in here?

South Beach is cancelled this year.  But I will use some of it to hire a painter to paint the den.  Yes, in theory I could paint the 20' celings myself.  But in reality, it hasn't happenend in a year, so I will pay for that convenience.  So please don't yank my DIY card just yet.

I haven't finished tallying this year's sale...because I still have things to sell that didn't make it to the garage, and that I'm NOT giving to Goodwill, and I'm not in the mood for Craigslist, either.  

So--are you in the mood to shop?  Here are a few things I will sell to my fellow bloggy buddies.  If you are interested in purchasing, send me an email to judithmcgee77 at yahoo dot com.   All prices include shipping.  I will then send you an invoice through paypal.  Once I receive payment, I will ship to you!  

Bacati Boy's Crib Bedding Set (retail $180)
Includes:  Quilt, bumper, cribskirt, 2 throw pillow, 1 blanket, 1 diaper stacker

SLAH Sassy Wall Sconce (set of 2)

Set 2 Circo 84" panels

Set 2 Waverly 96" backtab panels (valence not included)

We'll see how this goes...
happy online shopping!

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Beach

We just got back from vacay!  Woo hoo!  I actually took a full week off from work.  The past few years I have only taken long weekends, so a full week break was waaaay overdue.

M has been begging to go to the beach for a while now....

Who can say no to that??

We decided on Panama City Beach.  I have to say that Panama City Beach has changed quite a bit from my Spring Break '98 experience.  I was pleasantly surprised.  It is much nicer than I remember. But that isn't saying much was spring break after all. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Ahem, anyway...

This was the first beach trip for the Princess and the Moose.  So it was fun to see their reactions.  I will never forget the Princess' squeals of excitement when she spotted the ocean from the car.  I wish I had it on video.  Priceless.

They loved the beach!  It was so fun to watch them chasing waves, and running from the waves. 

We stayed at Splash Condo Resort.  (quite a move up from Bikini Beach Motel in '98)  If you haven't been to Splash, you must take your kids.  They have an indoor water park, which is a great option when the kids get tired of the beach.  With water slides, several pools (both inside & outside), a lazy river, and a splash pad for babies and toddlers, it is a parent's dream.  They even have an arcade room for older kids.  Here is the link to the condo we stayed in.  Check it out.  They recently remodeled and it is fabulous!  It was a great experience booking with the Parrish's (the condo owners). 

View from our condo on the 18th floor

We originally planned to go to Orange Beach.  But we found out that hubby's nephew will be deployed again to Qatar, so our trip changed to Panama City Beach since he is stationed at Tyndal AFB, which is a short drive from PCB.   Hubby's parents,  2 of his sisters, and the teenager planned on going down there at the same time.  They stayed in Mexico Beach, while we were in PCB.  We spent Father's Day in Mexico Beach with them.

On Monday we visited Zoo World, then ate at The Back Porch in Pier Park.  On Tuesday we went to Gulf World, then ate at Sharky's (which was my best meal of the week = Yummo Grilled Jerk Fish Tacos + a Pina Colada)

A great time was had by all, even if we didn't get a chance to go to Club La Vela. (ha!)   It was so good to get away and have quality time with the kids.  Can't wait till next year!


I am so proud of one of besties today!  Check out my friend Courtney at casa  She is the 'creative & artistic one' out of our crew of college girlfriends.  She made sure our sorority t-shirts kicked butt for every event.  And every project she tackles is so stinkin cute.  She is an interior designer by trade, and buyer for a home decor store.  But her most important job is being a pretty cool mommy to Miss Camryn. 

Court also has a knack for winning contests!  Most recently, she won a Modern Bird Studio giveaway.  Amazing!

So why am I bragging about Courtney?  Last week--her most recent paint project was featured on Better After!   How awesome is that?!  In my little world, I think it's a pretty big deal.

Go Court!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Moose is 3

The Moose has been loose!  Wow--this boy is something else. ALL BOY.  Strong-willed and  mischevious to say the least.  But oh so pretty.  It's hard to get mad at him when he's so cute!  He is for sure a momma's boy. 

Here is my baby Moose when he was born...

1 year old....

2 years old....

3 years old....

We didn't have a big party this year.. My sister was in town for Memorial Day, so we had an early family party with my side of the family, and then another little party with hubby's side this past weekend. 

Here is a glimpse of his teenage years to come...vegging on the couch, poptart in hand.  Look how long he is getting!

And probably the most 'funny' thing that has happened recently is the toilet story.  Ah flushing things down the toilet.  The toilet was stopped up, so hubby started plunging.  After plunging up 4 bath toys, we knew there were more.  What to do?  Take the toilet off the floor, of course.  (luckily hubby has some plumbing experience from a college job)

Here we are...

The final stash...(excuse the nasty sink)

I have no idea when this flushing took place...if it was at one time, or on different occasions.  We asked Moose if he flushed the camel down the toilet.  He said, "noo, I just flushed the cowboy."  He was so matter-of-fact.  Needless to say, our bath toy inventory has been downsized!  

Moose never stops moving...always on the loose.  BUT, he has always been my 'loner' boy.  I don't mean that in a bad way...When he first started crawling around, I would realize I hadn't seen him in a while.  But I would find him in his room, looking at books.  Lately, we find him with his puzzles.  He puts his Toy Story puzzle together at least 10 times a night...over and over.  He loves it.

He also prefers to watch movies than play outside--which we have to work on.  I really think he just likes his alone time without his sister bossing him around :)  But on the flip side of that---if sissy is spending the night away, he doesn't know what to do with himself, either. 

Watching M & W together is fun.  She is a little (bossy) mom, but also a pesty big sister.  As it should be.  They rarely fight (knock on wood), and really do love each other. 

Moose has moved into his 3 year old pre-school class with Ms. Kathy, who taught M, too.  He was so ready to move up.

We aren't completely potty-trained yet.  Honestly, haven't really pushed it with him.  Last week though he has gone potty twice each day at school.  Yay!  It's hard to potty train between the hours of 6pm-9pm only.  We let him run around without a pull up when we are home.  But I think the boy waits till he gets in the bath to go.  ewww.  It will come.  I'm not stressed about it.

Ms. Kathy calls Moose, 'Skinamarinkydink'.  He's not my Moose baby anymore.  I'm not sure why he is skinny--because the boy eats & drinks anything and everything...ALL day long.  He loves fruit and yogurt.  But to quote him:  'he no likes chocolate'.  Candy...yes.  But no chocolate.  Which is fine.  MORE FOR ME! 

His vocabulary is amazing.  It's funny when he says, "This is delicious!" 

And his most famous quote at school and to family is:  "I no like Toy Story 3. I no like the monkey with the cymbals."

And my most favorite quote: 
Me: "Am I a cool mom?" 
W:  "No, you're a pretty mom".  
(heart melting)

Monday, June 6, 2011

I lost 400lbs!

Hello friends!  Yes, I'm still alive.  Thank you to my blogging friends who have checked on me.  It's been a month since posting.  I've been lurking here and there, but I've had something pre-occupying my mind.   Hopefully one day soon I will share.  I'm excited and ready, but trying to get my ducks in a row. 

Work is also sucking my mental capacity to zilch by 5pm.  So lately I've been a bum when I get home.  Seriously--a lazy bum.  I can't even tell you the last time I stopped in Goodwill. 

I was looking at my posting list, and my realized I have 11 drafts!!  Eleven!  And the majority of them are projects I have started, or am planning on starting.  I look around my house and think, I've got to get back in gear! 

After my yearly visit to the fun doctor on Thursday, (is that TMI?)  I stopped by Pier 1 on the way to work.  Oh how I love thee Pier 1!  Talk about inspiration!

I have been eyeing their chair slipcovers.  I'm not too thrilled with the price ($60), but I'm not about to attempt making my own slipcover.  I will pay for convenience when needed.  My dining room chairs aren't exactly parsons chairs, but pretty close.  So I picked up this cover to take home to see if it fits my chairs. 

Jacobean Dana Slipcover


Ugh!  It's so gorgeous!  My seats are about 2 inches too wide.  If I really, really loved my dining suite, I would remove the seats and improvise.  But I don't love it, and would rather get rid of the whole set altogether.  So the slipcover will be returned. 

But I do love this rug!  It's 9x6, and on sale for $350, which is about $300 above my budget.  And Pier 1 doesn't have layaway.  boo. 

Jute & Wool Floral Rug

Enough rambling...I'm sure you want to know how I lost 400lbs? 

I got rid of these suckers!

Finally!  I feel so much lighter!

I'm so excited for the replacement!  I will show you all soon!  I think I've got my decorating mojo back!

Have a great week!