Monday, June 13, 2011

The Moose is 3

The Moose has been loose!  Wow--this boy is something else. ALL BOY.  Strong-willed and  mischevious to say the least.  But oh so pretty.  It's hard to get mad at him when he's so cute!  He is for sure a momma's boy. 

Here is my baby Moose when he was born...

1 year old....

2 years old....

3 years old....

We didn't have a big party this year.. My sister was in town for Memorial Day, so we had an early family party with my side of the family, and then another little party with hubby's side this past weekend. 

Here is a glimpse of his teenage years to come...vegging on the couch, poptart in hand.  Look how long he is getting!

And probably the most 'funny' thing that has happened recently is the toilet story.  Ah flushing things down the toilet.  The toilet was stopped up, so hubby started plunging.  After plunging up 4 bath toys, we knew there were more.  What to do?  Take the toilet off the floor, of course.  (luckily hubby has some plumbing experience from a college job)

Here we are...

The final stash...(excuse the nasty sink)

I have no idea when this flushing took place...if it was at one time, or on different occasions.  We asked Moose if he flushed the camel down the toilet.  He said, "noo, I just flushed the cowboy."  He was so matter-of-fact.  Needless to say, our bath toy inventory has been downsized!  

Moose never stops moving...always on the loose.  BUT, he has always been my 'loner' boy.  I don't mean that in a bad way...When he first started crawling around, I would realize I hadn't seen him in a while.  But I would find him in his room, looking at books.  Lately, we find him with his puzzles.  He puts his Toy Story puzzle together at least 10 times a night...over and over.  He loves it.

He also prefers to watch movies than play outside--which we have to work on.  I really think he just likes his alone time without his sister bossing him around :)  But on the flip side of that---if sissy is spending the night away, he doesn't know what to do with himself, either. 

Watching M & W together is fun.  She is a little (bossy) mom, but also a pesty big sister.  As it should be.  They rarely fight (knock on wood), and really do love each other. 

Moose has moved into his 3 year old pre-school class with Ms. Kathy, who taught M, too.  He was so ready to move up.

We aren't completely potty-trained yet.  Honestly, haven't really pushed it with him.  Last week though he has gone potty twice each day at school.  Yay!  It's hard to potty train between the hours of 6pm-9pm only.  We let him run around without a pull up when we are home.  But I think the boy waits till he gets in the bath to go.  ewww.  It will come.  I'm not stressed about it.

Ms. Kathy calls Moose, 'Skinamarinkydink'.  He's not my Moose baby anymore.  I'm not sure why he is skinny--because the boy eats & drinks anything and everything...ALL day long.  He loves fruit and yogurt.  But to quote him:  'he no likes chocolate'.  Candy...yes.  But no chocolate.  Which is fine.  MORE FOR ME! 

His vocabulary is amazing.  It's funny when he says, "This is delicious!" 

And his most famous quote at school and to family is:  "I no like Toy Story 3. I no like the monkey with the cymbals."

And my most favorite quote: 
Me: "Am I a cool mom?" 
W:  "No, you're a pretty mom".  
(heart melting)


  1. Glad he had a wonderful 3rd birthday!!

  2. happy birthday, moose!
    can't believe you got all of those toys down the toilet! that's impressive.

  3. That's a lot of toys in the toilet. Ha!

    My little girl will only flush the toilet. So far, she has no interest in actually using it. You'd think she'd know how sick of diapers I am.