Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fan Light Drum Shade

If you are a follower of Thrifty Decor Chick, you have seen how she prettied up her fan light.  Ingenious. 

I haven't been a 'fan' of our white fan in the kitchen since we moved into this house.   "But it's a Hunter fan, and it's functional". (said with a fake grin between clinched teeth) 

I had bought a red drum shade for another lamp, but I didn't like it in the space.  And of course I never got around to returning it.  Then I saw Sarah's project and knew that was just what the kitchen needed.

While hubby was at a meeting the other night, I decided to tackle this project.  (am I the only one who waits until hubby is gone to start a project?)

I won't fib...but I struggled with this for a little bit, trying to 'rig' it up.  I had everything I needed:  couplings, washers...

I thought that this little silver thingamajigger could not come off, so I was struggling to find something else to fit around it.

And I also discovered that the the hole on the lampshade was too small for the coupling, too!  So for 2 hours I was digging through hubby's screws, nuts, bolts, and washers to see how I could rig this thing up.

Finally hubby gets home.  He reached up and took off the silver cap on put the coupling on.  Duh. 

Then he took my lampshade out to the garage and drilled the hole, making it bigger. 

Yay!  Hubby saves the day!  Again.  So here is the finished result...

This makes the white more bearable.  And I'm not sure I'm keeping the red shade, I'll be on the lookout for a burlap shade instead to let more light through.  But I do love how it changed the whole look and feel of the kitchen. 

Total cost:  $17.  $10 shade, about $7 bucks in couplings and new pull chains.  Not too bad.

Oh--and by the way....if you are potty training a little boy while trying to complete this task, make sure he has on some underwear or a pull-up.  Because while you are on a chair fighting with a lampshade over your head, wishing you had 4 will cringe when you hear 'mommy i've pooped'!  And you have a feeling it wasn't in the potty.  Just sayin.  Is that TMI?  oh well.  Just keepin real folks!


  1. I love this and for under $20?! That's amazing :) You should totally link this up to my Thrifty Thursday link party :)

  2. You can cover it with burlap as is? Fyi. I've done it on black tubular end table lamps. Found some super cool burlap bags/cut the graphics I liked so they'd be on shade you can barley see original color :)