Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th! {and a different kind of freedom}

I love a 3-day weekend!  Much needed hang-out time with the kiddos.  I hope everyone has had a great weekend.

On Saturday, me and M made some 'Groovy Smoothie' popcicles.  Yep.  I don't get domestic very often.  So when I do, I've got to blog about it.

Me and the Princess have been making our own Groovy Smoothies (shout-out to Fresh Beat Band) for a few weeks now.  Here is what I throw in the blender:

This is the yogurt I usually keep on hand.  Nutritious?  IDK. 
Moose loves the yogurt drinks.  The princess likes the yogurt.

See how the Trix Yoplait yogurt looks? 
Pretty groovy, huh?

We love strawberries.
Most of the time we add a banana, too. 
But M wasn't in the mood for a banana on this day.

Since we were out of Sunny D, we added some Apple Juice. 
(I like it with Sunny D better)


I picked up these Ice pop thingamajiggers at the Dollar Store. 
What happened to the 4th one?

Um, yeah....don't give me that.."I don't know how that thing got there?!' look.


Now hurry up and wait for them to freeze. 
in the meantime...

Later on Saturday night, we headed to the in-laws.  They live across the street from where the City of Bartlett has their 'Firework Extravagana'.  So we have great seats every year-and no crowds!  Since it was so hot, we ate KFC inside, then headed out to the firework show after dark. 

Waiting for the fireworks to start...
M sits with Grandaddy every year...

Hubby & the Teenager

the Teenager (geez he is handsome!) & Vickie 

Me & Moose
The past 2 years Moose has pretty much freaked out when the fireworks started.  We've been talking about being brave this year, and he loved his ear protection. 

And about 5 minutes into the show, this is what happened... 

Yep...both of them passed out.

On Sunday afternoon, we had ribs at my mom's house.  Afterwards we were able to catch our church's firework show(which was AWESOME)--and the kids did NOT fall asleep.  No pics of that event.  Just picture the 5 of us pulled off in a field, in the back of hubby's truck.  Good times.

I know we are supposed to be celebrating our freedom this weekend (which I am forever grateful for those who have sacrificed for our freedom), but in our house, we are celebrating a different kind of freedom...

Freedom of pull-ups!!
The Moose is almost fully potty-trained!

Free at Last!  Free at Last!

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  1. I wish Little Bit would get the hang of potty training. She started out good then forgot what it was all about. Ha!