Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to Hubby!

Yesterday was hubby's birthday!  I won't tell you how old he is, but he's 10 years older than me!  bwahahahaha!

So, what do you give a civil war re-enactor for his birthday?  A framed collage print of old Memphis Civil War prints!

I found several old Harper's Weekly prints on NYC Digital Gallery thanks to TDC.  To quote TDC:  "The Gallery is such an awesome site that provides free access to over 700,000 images digitized from the The New York Public Library's collections.  If you are using the art on their site for personal, educational, or research purposes, they are absolutely free. (They can be used for commercial purposes for a reproduction fee.) Basically, they are free “printables” you can use for art in your home."

 Um, first of sucky would that job be to scan pages of books everyday?--not this ADD girl.  But seriously, just type in what you are looking for, and you will be amazed at what comes up. 

I typed in 'Memphis Civil War' and these prints from 1862 and 1864 were provided.

I downloaded the prints to Walgreens, and made a collage print & framed it for him.  Easy peasy.  This is a 12x18 print. 

I wanted to make a 16x20, but since I just copied them from the site, the resolution was too low for a 16x20.  But it still turned out ok, and you can still read the captions.

When hubby opened it, he said, "Wow--cool".  (which in hubby language means I did REALLY good :)

And we can't leave out another staple present of hubby's favorite TV show...Family Guy.  giggity.

He also got a new pair of shoes...sorry no pic.

Hubby is a huge chocolate & peanut butter fan.  (I mean, who isnt'?)  On Pinterest, I saw this pin of a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cake and knew I had to make it for me him....mmmmmm.  Chocolate cake, filled with chocolate + PB cups, then peanut butter frosting, topped with more PB cups!  Shut the front door.

Yep, I think he liked it.

For dinner, we got a sitter and went to eat at Celtic Crossing, an irish pub in the midtown area.  It was trivia night, and we completely sucked.  Mr. 'Plethora of Useless Knowledge' wasn't much help ;)  We did good on 50s/60s/70s music round of questions, but bombed on country captials and 4th grade science.  Too bad there wasn't a Civil War or WWII history round or we would have kicked major pub trivia boo-tay!   Other than losing, it was a good time.

He had a great day--he deserves it! 

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