Sunday, July 17, 2011

New rug for the den

For a while now, I have been thinking that I needed a rug intervention.  Seriously.  Am I the only one who has trouble picking a rug?

The den doesn't look half bad without a rug under the coffee table.  But shortly after the princess was born, it was clear that we needed something to protect the carpet.  Especially that 12"-18" area between the couch and the coffee table.  That's where we live, and where we eat most of our meals.  Talk about wear and tear in that high traffic space.

I know the 'rules' say that you should not have a rug over carpet.  But whatever.  I'm a rule breaker. 

I don't have pics of all the rugs that I have bought..but here are the recent ones...

I bought this black/red one from Walmart (I think).  But a 5x7 is a little too small.  Plus the black was getting to be a little heavy on my eyes.

I fell in love with this Jea Raised Floral from Pier 1.

It was a bit pricey, but it spoke to me.  I loved it, but after getting it home, the beige background of the rug on the beige carpet was a bit washed out.  If we had hardwood, it would be a different story.  No future plans of hardwood, so it had to go back.  I need one with a darker background.

In the meantime, I was at Lowe's and came across this brown beauty.  Knowing how indecisive I am, I got smart and  bought a small 3x5 to take home and see it in my light in the den. 

Well, in the meantime, as I was shopping at Sam's last week they were having a rug event.  The prices were pretty good.  I bought this one...a 10x7 for $165.  Not bad.  I liked the colors...the brown wasn't too I brought it home. 

I was liking it, until I put the Lowe's small rug on top of it. 

Crap.  I like the Lowe's one better.  So back to Sam's for a return, and back to Lowe's to get the big one.  PLUS--they have the runner to match for the entryway. 

Whew. 3 in a month is getting a little exhausting.  I'm super happy with the Mohawk Eason in brown from Lowe's.  It also comes in a pine and beige color.  I ended up getting the 8 x 11, and so glad I did.  In the past I have been buying a 5x8, which I realize now was too small.  I always felt like the proportion seemed off, and now I know I just needed a bigger one to really act as an anchor.

Check it out. 


  1. Ooh I love that Lowe's rug too! The red in it matches your throw pillows and curtains perfectly!

  2. I LOVE IT!!!! for a minute I was crossing my fingers hoping that you would choose the Lowes' rug. It just pops. and who says you can't put a rug on a carpet? I'm seeing it more and more on HGTV These days. Just saw it on Genevieve's show (sp?). and that's what I want to do - incorporate blues/greens in with my reds/oranges....big plans....BIG PLANS. Except that we have to spend $1475 on a new ac for our ONE ROOM upstairs so it puts a BIG dent in MY big plans. dangit. new pillows this month - that's all!