Thursday, July 7, 2011

Paula's French Provencial Chest Finished

Before I show you my mom's finished dresser, I need to make a correction.  In my previous post about the French Provencial dresser, I spelled Provencial--Provential.   Did you even notice?  Well--this 8th grade spelling bee winner noticed (runner up 5th grade), and has since edited the previous post.  Mis-spellings bother me.  And mis-spellings on a public forum like FB and Blogger REALLY bother me. 

I digress.

Yesterday I introduced you to my mom, Paula.  She finished the french provencial dresser she was re-doing.  She painted it black a few years ago.  Recently she has rearranged some furniture, and is now using the dresser as her nightstand.

This was her inspiration...the Pulaski Drawer Chest, which retails from $800-$1000.  (really?--I think I may have thrown up a little in my throat)  I saw it at Ashley Furniture.  Can't remember the price--I know it was over $500, though.  I mean, it's pretty and all...but that's a lot of cheese for painted wood....

And this is her version...

Looks great mom!


  1. I'll delete and start over if I spell something wrong. Can't. Stand. It.