Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Elvis & Hee-Haw

If you are from the South, you may remember the show Hee Haw.  If you do not know what Hee Haw is, you don't know what you missed from 1969-1997.  It's a classic. 

Growing up, our family watched Hee-Haw every Saturday night at 6:00pm on Channel 3.  The show was filled with comedy sketches, and the latest country music singer who had a #1 hit that week.  It was like Saturday Night Live--but instead of New York City, it was Nashville.  SNL gone country!  Like, backwoods country.  It was awesome. 

Skits like "The Cornfield," "Pickin’ and Grinnin’," "Pfft You Was Gone," and "Gloom, Despair and Agony On Me" were performed.  Some of my favorites were "Lulu's Truck Stop", "The Culhanes", and "the Gossip Girls".  (If you want to catch up on your Hee Haw skits, click here)

So you may be wondering where I may be going with this.

If you frequent here, you know that I reside in Memphis, TN.  But if you want to get technical, and if you ask hubby, we live in a suburb OUTSIDE of Memphis. (whatev)  I'm a Memphis girl and proud of it.

When people hear the word Memphis, you may immediately think of Graceland.  Do you know that I have never stepped foot in Elvis' mansion?  Nope.  Never been to Graceland.  Been here all my life.  I'm not sure why.  My mom has lived here all her life, and never been either.  When I get the gumption to go, usually the prices of tours puts me off.  It's kinda expensive for this thrifty girl.  I'm ok to drive down Elvis Presley Blvd. and see the mansion and gates, and the Lisa Marie airplane from my car. 

Graceland is particularly busy two times a year:  Elvis' Birthday Week, and Elvis' Death Week, which was a few weeks ago.   I never even realized just how many events that go on during these weeks until recently.

If you know about Elvis, he loved gospel music.  So every year they have a Southern Gospel Singin' with the Imperials as the headliner quartet.  My cousin sings in a quartet called Soul City, which opened for the Imperials, so we headed down to 'have church' at Graceland.

I may be a little biased, but Soul City rocked it out.  I personally think they were better than the Imperials. 

We were pretty close to the front, but there was this woman on the front row who caught my attention.  (and I'm sure a lot of other people's attention).   Being Elvis' death week and all, it's a great place to people watch, to say the least.

After the concert, I noticed my cousin Corey talking to this woman.  As I walked up, they were singing a Hee-Haw song.  Immediately my interest peaked.  Then she introduced herself as Nurse Goodbody from Hee-Haw. 

OMG!  How cool is that?!  So we stood there for a few minutes singing Hee-Haw songs and she was telling us some behind the scenes stories.  And of course we got our picture made with her!  Me and Corey were on cloud 9 the rest of the day. 

A couple of days later, someone asked what her name was.  Then I thought, hmmm...IDK.  She never said her name...she just introduced herself to us as Nurse Goodbody.

So I start the search. 

After searching for Nurse Goodbody on google, I have found that the real Nurse Goodbody is actually Gunilla Hunton who was on the show from '69 till '97. Here is Gunilla now.

We met Wendy Lynn Adams. Here is the link to her and her husband's website.

I emailed a hee-haw expert that I found while searching, to ask her. She responded that Gunilla was the only Nurse Goodbody.  Hee Haw's 1st episode was in June of 1969. Gunilla first appeared in episode 13, in December of '69. I checked the IMDB website, and there is no Wendy Lynn listed in any of the first 12 epiodes.

Ms. Adams' website says she was inducted into the Celebrity Hall of Fame in 1998. There is no such thing as a Celebrity Hall of Fame. 

I found only one other reference to this Wendy Adams as Nurse Goodbody on this site where it says that she was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1998. But there were only four 1998 inductees. Two of them included Tammy Wynette and Elvis Presley. And I'm pretty sure we did not meet Tammy Wynette on Sunday.

This site also gave a quote where Wendy claimed to be Elvis' "prayer partner".  Um, ok.  I'll give her that one.

I have honestly spent hours on this.  I can compare the feelings on this to when I found out there wasn't a Santa Claus, and when I found out Delilah was not in Memphis, but a syndicated show out of California.  (I'm still not over that one)

What I can't get over, is that she visited my home church several times during that week, introducing herself as Nurse Goodbody.  So this wasn't a one-time introduction, or encounter with her at Graceland.  She made this statement to a lot of people. 

Maybe she was a stand-in?  Maybe she was a back-up singer?  IDK.

I know our Hee-Haw bubble was busted.  Corey and I feel a little bit of anger for falling for it.  Why would she let us go on and on, seeing how excited we were?

I'm sure she is a very nice lady.  And it seems that she does a lot of work with the homeless in her hometown in California. 

But gloom, despair and agony on us.  We met another, and PHFFFT, she is gone!


  1. I watched Hee-Haw with my grandparents.

  2. Official No One Left Behind own by Juanita Stocker and Joyce Hall. Wendy volunteer and when she learn about the grant Wendy want to do hostile take over. Wendy and David start a radio ministry who also own by Joyce Hall (daughter) and Juanita (mom). The organization is real pls check our website www.officialnooneleftbehind.org Please communicate with Joyce and know more of the truth...

    1. Im so sorry like the rest of us she took advantage of your goodness. The truth will set us all free and I Thank You So Very Much...

  3. The Well Known Leaders of ETA' S Already know about this and She cant promote her self "Hi Im Wendy Lyn and Im from Hiw Haw ~ Nurse Goodbody"

  4. Yes good wikipedia never even mention her name anywhere. . . Got to do the simple research will do good... Thanks for this Wide Awakening Truth http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hee_Haw

  5. Are they both minister too??? This is deeper lie and accusation. I think all need to really know the truth as they ask for donation even in facebook. She is promoting her new country gospel cd too... http://www.hissplendor.com/AboutUs.htm

  6. In speaking directly with Wendy on this matter I understand that she never said she was Nurse Goodbody on the TV series. She was the first Nurse Goodbody when Hee Haw filmed in San Bernadino, Ca. They performed before a live audiance prior to filming on TV. Has anyone checked that out? I am not quite sure of this vigilante type of work that anyone has stirred up, but Wendy is a friend of mine and if you knew Wendy at all you would have confronted her face to face on this subject. She would have told you. That would have been the Christian way of handling it. BTW the one who is consulting wikipedia really needs to stop relying on that site. Anyone can change it and put there own ideas in there. It is not a reliable source. Bottom line is people be more concerned about your own life than others.

    1. Wendy is a fraud!!! One of the biggest phones around!!!

    2. Yes, she did say that she was the first Nurse Goodbody on Hee Haw, the tv series because I personally asked her about a specific episode and she said that she had done so many that she couldn't remember.
      Celebrity Hall of Fame?
      Elvis' personal friend?
      Making a movie in Sept?
      Judging at Elvis week?
      I liked her and feel very, very taken advantage of.

    3. A lot of us are feeling taken advantage of.

  7. That's really strange then that on the website promoting her record, she says she was on the TV show Hee Haw. She certainly is trying to make people think she was on the TV show.

  8. I just met Wendy Adams last week on a Mexican Riviera cruise to Cabo and Puerto Vallarta!

    1. i was on that same cruise as you Dan & she insinuated that she was on the Hee Haw show (which i had never heard of - coz i am from Australia).

  9. Frist i Never said I was Gurannilla Hutton I am wendy Lynn Adams
    You can belive what ever you want. My friends know me. And my Lord.
    I fill sorry for you that post things like this.You can not belive every thing read on hear.And if you are realy my frind then you do not need to Qustion me I am frome USA
    God bless you.

    1. Seriously? Are you as illiterate as you seem?

      Fill = Feel
      Everyone is one word
      Frind = Friend
      Qustion = Question
      Frome = From

  10. Funny- we went on a cruise and she was there doing the same thing.. How sad to find out she is a fake!

  11. ...WAIT...were you just on a cruise a week or so ago...my friend was just tellingme about her,,,,the whole story.she was on the cruise telling everyone she was "nursegoodbody"
    did you see her in the "Piano bar"

  12. ...hey, I was on the cruise, and I saw her making out with a younger guy at the Piano Bar...she was drinking Margaritas !!..good-looking guy - tall with a cowboy hat on !!

  13. I really dont know if she is in her right mind. I met her and shes not normal at all. She claim she sees angels, heal her hips and so many lies. Maybe shes in some sort of medication that make her halucinate. Sad for this lady she believe her own lies and adding God is total blasphemy. I hope she get well soon.

  14. Revelation 21:8 search it...

  15. I know first-hand these two. Don't ever believe what they speak or preach. They (especially David) are a fraud and scam artist. He claims to be all religious. He has a sick and twisted view on religion. He has been thrown out of 3 ministries. They are manipulative liars. They should not be trusted, Period!

    1. My wife, myself and another couple were at "The Legends in Concert" show tonight in Branson Mo. Wendy was introduced to the audience as having been on Hee Haw. I spoke to her after the show and she told me she was on Hee Haw as Nurse Goodbody. I told her how much I enjoyed watching Hee Haw. If she wasn't trying to deceive me she could have told me she wasn't on the TV show at that time. I don't know what she is doing, but she is obviously a phony.

  16. This makes me very sad. I know David and Wendy and have tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, but cannot substantiate any of their "stories". I have done hours of research on the internet looking for some grain of truth to the Hee-Haw, Funny Face, Elvis, etc...stories only to find NOTHING. I have heard her first hand claim to have written the song Funny Face, yet she is not listed as one of the "song writers", she did tell me the "true" story about NOT being on the TV show (said Gunilla got the part) but she still says she was on the show. She was supposedly close to Elvis, yet there are no photos of her with Elvis ANYWHERE. Not even in her shrine to him. It makes me sad to think that they are giving Christians a bad name with this nonsense. I can only pray that they can be healed of this obsession with "fame".

  17. You are so wrong. I know her who is is she is who she says. You need to get your silf strate with God.

  18. Spoke with a 15-year cast member of Hee Haw, who confirmed the only Nurse Goodbody was Gunilla Hutton.