Friday, August 26, 2011

Sunflower Family Pics

I have always loved the idea of getting family pictures made while the sunflowers are in bloom.  A photographer I have used in the past, Southern Style Photography, was doing mini-sessions in the sunflower fields at the Agricenter a few weeks ago.  The 20 minute mini-session was $55, and we got a CD of about 60 edited pics.  I love that I get the CD, and I can print wherever I want, and how many I want, in whatever size I want.   I also love that I get the CD of pics, and I can play with them on Picasa, too.

Of course, the day of the photo session, the heat index was 110 degrees with the humidity of 50%.  I really thought it wouldn't be too bad---it was only 20 minutes.  But OMG.  It was ridiculous.

We got a few shots...only one good family shot.  Take a look-see...

You may notice that there are no pictures of Will.  Of course he got a summer cold that week, and was not a happy camper and pretty much cried the whole time.  And the heat did not help matters.  Also in attendance was Wriggly.  The heat was too much for him, too, so no good family pics with the dog.  

I think the heat was affecting our photographer, too, bless her heart.  I wish we could have done more family poses, and wish we were directed more.  But it was so stinkin hot, you couldn't even think straight. 

Oh well....dont' tell hubby and the teenager, but we will try again in the fall.  :)


  1. Love 'em! Y'all are too cute. I hope W gets better.

    Who's your photographer?

  2. I lovelove your pictures!!
    I've thought about using her.. think she's worth it?

  3. looks like $55 well spent. just consider them early birthday photos for M since hers are so good!

  4. They turned out great!