Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Up in here

Yesterday was a ho-hum kind of day.  Until I got home. 

There was a package for me that came in the mail.  I thought, omg, I don't remember ordering anything.  But lately, it wouldn't be a surprise if I had ordered something, and didn't remember. 

I opened the package, and laughed the rest of the night.

If you frequent Pinterest, you have probably seen this.  It's pinned on my 'Word Up' board.  My sister from another mother, Kate, sent this to me.  It's now hanging over my kitchen sink.

Amanda Jean makes these embroidered rap lyrics.  Here is the link to her etsy shop.  Warning:  most pieces include some adult language from rap lyrics.  Be sure and click on the Sold items, to see other pieces she has made. 

I'm really having to hold myself back from creating a gallery wall of embroidered rap lyrics.  Seriously. 

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