Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Diary of a Working Mom {August Edition}

As with many other areas of my life, I have not been consistent with my Diary of a Working Mom posts.  My last one was in February

I talked about being in a rut---a chicken nugget rut, that is.  I re-read that post, and said that my mission in March was to break the picky eater out of her habits. 

Um, well....I remember starting it.  I think we made progress for a week.  It doesn't take much to get off a schedule in our house.  And I haven't returned to fighting that battle.  Sigh. 

I know I need to.  And don't get me wrong--I want to.  It drives me nuts.  But with our schedule, I can't do everything, and I have to let some things go.  And right now, that is just one of those things.  And I refuse to beat myself up about it.

On the subject of the Princess, I did enroll her in gymnastics once a week.  We did dance at school last year, but it ended up being a fight on dance day mornings.   M is more of a free-style girl...she likes to do her own thing.  She wasn't really excited about the idea of soccer, but perked up at the mention of gymnastics.  She likes to 'put on shows', and dance and flip around and make up routines to music.  The gymnastic center offers a trial lesson, so we tried it, and she was hooked. 

Unfortunately, gymnastics has made her a little bit too brave on our swingset!

She is my little artist.  She would go through a ream of paper in a week if she could.  When I pick her up everyday, she hands me a stack of drawings.  I keep her paints out on the kitchen table.  One day I found this painting...

Ummm...looks like mommy has let someone play angry birds a little too much!

Moose on the other hand, doesn't really care about art.  He's not into that.  He's my engineer.  And my good eater.  Moose loves him some tomatoes!!!  (sorry for the cell phone pic)

We are pretty much potty-trained, as it relates to going #1.  But I need some help on training on this #2 business.  And that's all I'm going to say about that.  Ugh, boys!

And speaking of boys.....The teenager started his junior year.  And he got a car.  I was leary of him driving at first.  But after a few times out on his own, I'm loving the idea now.  Especially with theatre rehearsals coming up.  woo hoo!

As far as 'creating balance' goes, I had several chances in August to break out of my mommy role, and revert to my high school days!  A new honky tonk has opened up, so I've gotten a chance to put on my boots and go dancing!

There are several things on my 'What makes me happy' list. 1. Jesus. 2. Family. 3. Dancing.

Growing up, there weren't many opportunities to dance. I went to a private Christian high school, so dances were not allowed. Dancing was taboo. (note to parents: when things are taboo, kids/teenagers want to do them even more. just sayin) We had a Jr./Sr. Banquet. The after the banquet, there was a 'parent-sponsored' dance.

During high school we frequented a family friendly place called Casper Creek to country line dance. No alcohol was served....just line dancing all night. It was an easy sell to the parents---even my Nana and her husband C.D. went to Casper Creek!

Around 16 or 17, a few of us got fake IDs so we could go to the real country club called Neon Moon. (sorry mom & dad)  Not to drink. Because I was a good girl. But to line dance! Watermelon Crawl, Tennesee Twister, Flying 8, Cotton-eye Joe, name it. And of course I would dart out at 11:50pm to be home at midnight!

In short, college could be summed up as a dance party several nights a week at whatever frat house had a party. The ATO and Pike house were next door to each other. So if both were having a party, me and my other sorority sisters would go 'up and down the hill' all night. If you didn't like a song at the ATO house, you could just run up the hill to the Pike house and join another group of sisters on the dancefloor. Not a whole lot of 'line dancing' going on, per se. Unless they played '7' by Prince, then all the Chi O's rushed the floor for the Chi Omega line dance. Good times.

But fast-forward 11 years into the real world, and not a whole lot of dancing opportunities are had anymore. No more bachelorette parties at the clubs, and no more wedding receptions.

But thank goodness Electric Cowboy has come to town! For years, a lot of the honky tonks were not in very good areas of town. And there hasn't really been a country bar in town for a while. But EC is just 7 minutes away, next door to the Bass Pro.

I've been a few times now. It's fun to reach back to those line dances stored way back in the memory bank.  It's like riding a bike. This old married momma has still got it! And I just learned 'the Wobble'.  Apparently it's been around for about a year, but I'm just now learning it?  Obviously I need to get out more.  Watch this video and learn.  Then you can be a cool mommy, too.  I can't wait to put my boots on and go again.

And on another random, but related note....since I've posted about some "celebrity" encounters the past couple of weeks, I thought I would post of picture of another local and national celebrity that was at EC the other night-- Jerry 'The King' Lawler.

I love wrestling. Growing up, we would watch Jerry 'The King' wrestle every Saturday Morning Wrestling on Channel 5.  And guess who was the announcer for Saturday morning wrestling?  My Dave Brown

August was a fun and busy month!  It seems as though the heat spell is broken, and fall is here!  I'm so ready to bust out the jeans and boots!  I love this weather! 

September is shaping up to be a busy month...plenty of blog fodder to be had. 

Hope everyone has a great short week!


  1. LOVE the angry birds pic!!! that is so literal of her.

    As for potty training - Avery wasn't into #2 either until I bought a 10 pack of bathtub animals from the target baby section. she saw a girl with them at the pool so I knew they'd do the trick. I let her pick out 4 of the 10 and then I put the rest of them on the fireplace and said that in order for her to get more she had to do #2 on the potty instead of her panties. TOTALLY WORKED FOR US! every kid has their currency.

    And I'm a dancing fool as well however my husband IS NOT. next time we are skipping the beer and going straight to the dance hall!

  2. I had so much fun at Electric Cowboy. I wish I could've gone again with you. Oh, the days of Casper Creek... they seem like such a long time ago.

  3. EC is so much fun!! I have not been since that night I was there with you. I'm itching to get my dancing fix! Once October gets here, I won't be so busy.. thank goodness!