Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kindergarten Shots

Before I start this post....can we take a moment to walk down memory lane?....


Where did the time go?
Where did my baby go?
(and my we have come a long way in photography options in 5 years.  These JCP and Target pics make me cringe)

M starts Kindergarten in August.  So it was time for kindergarten shots. 

My crazy girl was actually excited about it.   Here she is posing.

Dr. Z and the nurses made a big to-do about it, and made her feel special.  She peed in the cup like a pro, thought the needle prick in her thumb was cool, and only cringed when she got her 3 shots.

Later she said, 'that nurse poked holes in me!'

But instead of offering a treat at McDonald's or Sonic afterwards, I got ahead of myself and promised a trip to the mall, and to Build-a-Bear for being a big girl. 

She snuck in a dress, shoes, and jewelry at Children's Place, too, that she wore out of the mall.

If you would have seen me walking in the mall, with little priss in her new outfit, and pushing that stroller, it had Guilty Working Mom written across my forehead.  :)

Oh well.  She's totally worth it.