Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day weekend!

The kids and hubby suprised me with a new pretty yellow bench for the front patio.  The front patio will soon be a post in itself, seeing as though it never existed until a couple of weeks ago...But here is a sneak peek.  It's not complete yet...but almost.

Now I have a place to sit to watch the kids play in the front yard!

The day started out with a big brunch with the in-laws...  (and by the way if you need me this summer I'll be at my sis-in-law's pool!!)

We left brunch and went straight to lunch with my family at Spaghetti Warehouse downtown.  (I didn't eat much!  Too full from brunch!)  From there, we went on a Trolley ride downtown. 

After our downtown excursion, I went and did some shopping by myself.  I was finally hungry again by 7pm, so I brought home some chinese take-out.  That was some 'cooking' I didn't mind doing on Mother's day!   ;)

After dinner the kids and I did a pinterest project to commerate the special day.

It was a great day!
Blessed beyond measure!

Covington Wilmington Pillows

It's been almost 2 years and I'm still in love with my Covington Wilmington curtains in my kitchen.  That says a lot, since I like to change window treatments so often. 

So I was excited to find these little beauties for my dining room at the Maxx last week. 

For all you Memphis girlies, as of yesterday they still have 2 more in stock at the Wolfchase TJ Maxx.  $12.99 each. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Hair

I have to say, that I think the best thing about being a girl, is being able to change our look.  Whether it's a change in nail polish, a change in clothes, or, in this case, a change of is good for our soul.  (ok, maybe not that deep, but you know what I mean)

I've been trying to grow my hair out for a few years now.  I've worn it short the majority of my 'adult' life.  (ha!)  Granted, long hair for me is a little past the shoulders.  But 've enjoyed my 'long' hair, and especially my pony-tails every other day.  (Carla is grossing out right now)  I love my dry shampoo

Growing my hair was also part of me rebelling from adulthood.  You know, that unspoken rule that women should not have long hair after 40.  (Ok...most women, not sis-in-laws Vickie & Debbie are an exception.  They have great hair!)  Although I'm a few years from 40, I sometimes feel this impending doom. (no offense to those over 40)

But who am I kidding.  I'll never have hair like the girls in the Pantene commercials. 

And it was time.  You know that feeling when you decide on a change, and it has to happen RIGHT THEN!  Yeah.  I woke up one day, and it was like, the hair has to GO!  I couldn't get to the beauty shop fast enough.

I went back to my old tried and true 'do'.  The 'Inverted Stack'. 

**About the Feather:  I went to the American Heart Association's 'Girls Night Out' event, and a booth was putting feathers in everyone's hair.  When in Rome....even if the trend is so 1 year ago.  The feather is gone now :)**

So what about you, what's your favorite 'go-to' hair-do?  

Spring Pics

Like always, I'm a little slow on the draw.  It seems as though everyone had Easter pics done, complete with live chicks, and easter eggs as props.  And like most holidays lately, Easter snuck up on me, so no chicks for my kiddos.  They are so deprived.  (read: sarcasm)

But I finally booked a spring mini-session with my friend Brandi from Daisy Lu Photography.  For you Memphis girls, she is great, and prices are great, too.  Go 'like' her FB page.  She does great work.  And she is used to chasing around toddlers since she has lots of practice with her own.  This is important to me, since most of the pics I can get of the Moose is his back-side, because he runs from the camera.  (Ok, who am I kidding, the kid RUNS 24/7)

We went to City Hall Park in Bartlett.  This is where me and my kids hang out a lot, so I knew they would be comfortable there and could do their thing.

Perfect world would be family pics, with the teenager and the hubby included.  But the boys are still traumatized from our last family session in the sunflowers.  in 110 degree weather.  with 110 percent humidity.  And we brought the dog.  It was horrible. 

So I'm saving the 'family' pic until the fall in the cotton.  I'll be using Daisy Lu again for the teenager's senior pics very soon anyway.   (omg I can't believe I just typed that...Senior??)

Here are some shots from the session...