Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day weekend!

The kids and hubby suprised me with a new pretty yellow bench for the front patio.  The front patio will soon be a post in itself, seeing as though it never existed until a couple of weeks ago...But here is a sneak peek.  It's not complete yet...but almost.

Now I have a place to sit to watch the kids play in the front yard!

The day started out with a big brunch with the in-laws...  (and by the way if you need me this summer I'll be at my sis-in-law's pool!!)

We left brunch and went straight to lunch with my family at Spaghetti Warehouse downtown.  (I didn't eat much!  Too full from brunch!)  From there, we went on a Trolley ride downtown. 

After our downtown excursion, I went and did some shopping by myself.  I was finally hungry again by 7pm, so I brought home some chinese take-out.  That was some 'cooking' I didn't mind doing on Mother's day!   ;)

After dinner the kids and I did a pinterest project to commerate the special day.

It was a great day!
Blessed beyond measure!

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  1. Aww... what a great mother's day! That bench is too cute.. you need a couple of adorable owl pillows to toss on it! ;o)