Friday, June 15, 2012


Since launching my little side business The Southern Owl, my dining room has become a pseudo office, and pseudo storeroom for my inventory.  It's a little bit LOT out of control.  Right now, product is stored in two plastic dressers in the dining room.  Functional.  But not cute.

Back in March, (yes--March) I bought a new (to me) dining room set from Salvation Army.  No picture of the table/chairs..but that is for another post. 

My current china cabinet is petite and narrow, and mostly for display.  I was looking for a buffet and  found this mamma jamma with great lines, awesome hardware, and she has 9 drawers for storage. 

She has been sitting in the garage going on 3 months.  And's time to GIT R DONE.

I've been pinning for color inspiration.  I want to do something different...

Do I play it safe?

Or take a little risk?

Or go a little crazy?

hmmmm....what do you think?