Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jewelry Always Fits--a Give-a-way Weekend!

Happy Thursday!
I haven't done a give-a-way in a while. 
No time like the present, right?

On of my favorite sayings is that Jewelry Always Fits!  Thank goodness since I'm rocking the maternity wardrobe lately.  And nothing can make my day brighter and a little happier is a new piece of costume jewelry.

Since I order wholesale for The Southern Owl, sometimes I can't help myself and have to get a few extra non-owl things every once in a while every time I order.  Like this bib necklace.

Nothing says spring like this bright hot pink (or fuschia) oversized multi-layerd bib, with faceted tear-drop beads.  It's 18" long, wth a turquoise ribbon tie. 

If you like big, chunky statement pieces, this one is for you!  Just in time for your perfect Easter outfit.

To enter into the drawing for this necklace, simply comment below.  For an extra entry, share this little giveaway on your blog, then comment and let me know.  And of course it would be great if you were a follower.  Easy peasy.  I'll draw a winner on Monday. 


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Eating Memphis

This week I have perusing some new blogs I have discovered through our new little Memphis Blogger FB group and meet-up we had last weekend.

Saturday night I met Colleen, from Parties & Cardis.  Such a sweetie!  And gorgeous!  And tall!  We sat by each other at dinner, and sadly, did not get our picture made together! 

Colleen and her hubby are from Conneticut, who recently moved to Memphis.  As I was looking through her blog, I discovered her Eating Memphis page, and the 100 Things to Eat in Memphis.  Alyssa from Ten Feet of Beale is a Jersey Girl here in Memphis.  She is conquering the same list

I'm still in shock over this.  And also a little embarrassed.  I'm a native Memphian, and have never seen this before!  Check out this list:

1. Tuna sandwich from Chinese Sub Shop

2. BBQ plate from Germantown Commissary (yummy)

3. Fried chicken breast from Gus's

4. Soul Burger from Earnestine and Hazel's

5. Peach cheesecake from Cheesecake Corner

6. Chorizo tortuga from Las Tortugas

7. Sea bass at Tsunami

8. Ribeye from Folk's Folly

9. John Deere snow cone from Jerry's (I have spend a lot of time and $$ at Jerry's but never had the John Deere?!)

10. Joyce roll from Sakura

11. Dry rub ribs from Bar-B-Que Shop

12. San Diegan from Brother Juniper's

13. Guacamole from Las Delicias

14. Homeroom Chicken and Grits from Lunchbox Eats

15. Red velvet donuts from Gibson's

16. Greek burger from Alex's Tavern

17. Gas station sushi

18. Uptown burger from Roxie's Grocery

19. Muffaletta from Kwik Chek

20. Gyro from Castle

21. Key Lime Pie ice cream from La Michoacana

22. Twice-baked potato salad from One and Only BBQ

23. Cheesesteak from Yang's

24. Shrimp and grits from Sweet Grass

25. Buffalo tenderloin from Erling Jensen

26. Barbecue pizza from Coletta's  (our family eats at Coletta's A LOT)

27. Cornish game hen from Cozy Corner

28. Grilled cabbage from Deja Vu

29. Bulgogi from Du Won Jong

30. Roast duck from New Asia

31. Rib tips from Tom's Barbecue

32. Capote cupcake from Muddy's Bakeshop

33. Barbecue tofu nachos from R.P. Tracks

34. Chips (aka fries) from Brass Door Tavern

35. Ravioli from Vanelli's Deli

36. Mac'n'cheese from Mollie Fontaine Lounge

37. Voodoo Chocolate Passion Cake at King's Palace

38. Banana pudding from Cozy Corner

39. Turkey leg from a vendor outside of a Melrose High football game (ummmm....)

40. Salmon Cakes from Elegant Farmer

41. Almond croissants from Off the Square Catering

42. Crazy noodle bowl from Bhan Thai

43. Banana pudding from Germantown Commissary

44. Tiger Bleu Chips from Brookhaven Pub

45. Barbecue nachos from Central BBQ

46. Blueberry donuts from Gibson's

47. Hot wings from Ching's

48. Pimento cheese stuffed okra from Restaurant Iris

49. Shrimp salad from Bogie's  (I worked at Bogie's Mendenhall on college breaks.  I had to clean the shrimp every Wednesday/Thursday for Shrimp Salad on Friday.  Good times.)

50. Chilean sea bass from McEwan's

51. Wedding cake supreme snow cone from Jerry's

52. Hummus and falafel from Casablanca

53. Chicken salad sandwich from Young Ave. Deli

54. French fries / sweet potato fries from Young Ave. Deli

55. Pineapple shake from Shanghai

56. Coconut cake from Beauty Shop

57. Spicy crab soup from Ryu

58. Goat taco from La Guadalupana

59. Turkey and dressing from the Four Way

60. Reuben from Trolley Stop Market

61. Thai Gumbo from Tao

62. Honey gold wings from All-Star

63. BLT from Links of Galloway

64. Pan-fried dumplings from Panda Garden

65. Hot wing rolls from Blue Monkey

66. Barbecue pizza from Pete and Sam's

67. Mussels from Bari

68. Ribs from A&R Barbecue

69. Salsa Tayde from Las Tortugas

70. Baklava from Cafe Med

71. Pickled green tomatoes from Soul Fish  (love--I have been craving these lately)

72. Vegan Memphis barbecue sandwich from Imagine Vegan Cafe

73. Lentil tacos from Fuel Food Truck

74. Brussels sprouts from South of Beale (SOB's Grilled Cheese is to die for, too)

75. Bi Bim Bop from Kwik Check

76. Ribs from Central Barbecue

77. Wings from Molly's La Casita

78. Burger from Huey's

79. Cheese grits from Republic Coffee

80. Homemade chips from Pop's Deli

81. Nachos from Interstate Barbecue

82. Steak sandwich from Jack Pirtle's (I could drink Jack Pirtle's brown gravy.  no joke)

83. Pork chop sandwich from Tom's BBQ

84. Stone Hero hoagie from Skunx Chef's Pub

85. Meat-stuffed pizza at Little Italy

86. Chocolate milkshake from Wiles-Smith

87. Breakfast sampler from Bryant's

88. Crab eggs benedict from Sweet Grass

89. All-in-one from Las Delicias

90. Pronto Pup

91. Lobster roll from Slider Inn

92. Nuts and chocolate from Peanut Shoppe

93. Lunch buffet from Pho Hoa Binh

94. Self-serve frozen yogurt from Yolo

95. Dirty Fries from Revival Food Truck

96. Island Club from Bardog Tavern

97. Lobster pronto pup from Rizzo's Diner

98. Monte Cristo from Half Shell

99. High tea from Chez Philippe

100. Chili pineapple paleta from La Michoacana

Wow.  Apparently I need to get out more!  I mean, what is a better project for the prego girl than a food list??  So if any Memphis girls are up for some field trips, count me in!   (Except for the Melrose game)  lol.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Lovely Cupboard

I want to share one of my favorite blogs with you today! 

Meet my friend Heather from The Lovely Cupboard.

Heather and I went to church together for a couple of years back in the day.  We went to the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska together for a mission trip back in '96.  Oh the stories from that trip.  I won't tell you what kind of characters we played in a performance.  That's another blog post for another day.  I'm still waiting on our Oscar.

Heather and I are FB friends, but I actually stumbled across her 'lovely' blog a while back when she was featured on Knock-off Decor.  Don't you love it when you discover other people you know who blog?

Heather is a legit blogger.  From her DIY projects, her parties, and her recipes, you can spend a few hours on her site.  And not to mention her photography.  Amazing. 

One day I will tackle her DIY Ombre Paint-chip art
So easy and so beautiul.


Doesn't this Avocado Hummus look delicious? 
So easy.
I'm a hummus addict here lately.  I can't wait to make this.

Heather is beautiful and talented in so many ways.  She also just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Gemma.  Enjoy checking out her site.  I promise you can lose some hours in the day!  Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Memphis Blogger Meet-up

On Saturday night I attended a local Memphis blogger meet-up.  The fabulous Laura from Walking in Memphis in High Heels organized the event at the Local Gastropub on Madison.  If you are local and haven't tried this place, it is a must.  Such a fun atmosphere.  Hubby would like it, too.

Now I know I haven't been consistent, but I wanted to go for 3 reasons:

1.  I thought that attending the blogger meet-up would definitely energize me in this area.  It kinda adds a little bit of accountability to post. 
2.  My Nana taught us that you should make a new friend everyday.  Well Saturday, I made eleven new friends....make that 9.  I already knew 2.  But who is counting.
3.  I rsvp'd for the event way back in December for a to enjoy a GNO with some adult bevs.  But in the meantime, our little GameChanger happened, and adult bevs for me, but definitely a fun and different GNO. 

We arrived to our table with the cutest decorations contributed by

And what's a blogger meet-up without some SWAG?! 

And something sweet...Thanks Jaime for the awesome cake!

We've "known" each other a little over a year now.  But this is only our second time hanging out together.  Our first time hanging out, I introduced her to her boyfriend.  Awwwww.

And special shout-out to Terri for sending me all these pics since my ancient 3GS doesn't have a flash. #bloggerprobs

This is Misty from Handbags & Handguns with me and Terri. 
Misty and I went to high school together.  We cheered together, and sported our denim overalls and timberlands together back in the 90's. 


I ordered the Fish & Grits.  That's right.  Not fish & CHIPS. 
FISH & GRITS, y'all!

Of course I couldn't participate in some adult bevs.  
But I did have a non-alcoholic St. Pauli's Girl.
Much better than O'Duls.  This will be stocked in my fridge for the next 6 months.
Pseudo Beer + Cupcakes = one happy mama

Here is the crew:

Front Row:
Jennifer @ Mrs. in Memphis
Jen-Marie @ Southern Belle

Back Row:
Colleen @ Parties & Cardis

It was a fun night with lots of convo, and instagram posts. 
Check out #MEMBLOGS on Instagram for more pics.

Loved meeting everyone, and can't wait to hang out again!

Friday, February 22, 2013


life rearranged

matching valentine tattoos

fashion designer

first baby gift for our little gamechanger

monster truck trance


Catching Up, and a Game Changer


Seeing as though I will be attending a blogger meet-up Saturday night with some other Memphis bloggers, I feel like I need to at least post something here, to be somewhat legit.

So, I don't know about you, but 2012 was definitely a blur for me.  I thought I would post a year in review in a few pictures to get caught up a bit.  This is definitely the edited version.

In January, I launched my new business, The Southern Owl

I actually did blog about it here.  It's a fun little business, combining my love of jewelry, and the niche of owls.  If you love owls & skull, this store is for you!  I can't retire yet, but the business is steady.  Hence, some of the reason for not-so-frequent posts. 

In April, Tyler turned 17.  Craziness.  Isn't he handsome?  #proudstepmonster

Meredith graduated from Pre-school in May.  My little graduate.

Will turned 4 in June.

In August, Meredith started Kindergarten. 
Tyler started his senior year.

Fall Fun

December was pure craziness. 

It seemed as though we had something every night.  The most wonderful time of the year was not an enjoyable month for me.   Part of it, I was dreading turning 35.  I don't know why, but I was a little depressed about this number. 

And to add to all the crazy festivities, I was sick.  At night.  Nauseous for weeks.  And the fatigue.  OMG the fatique.  I kept telling Mike, "something is not right with me...I am not right." 

But as Sweet Brown says, 'Ain't nobody got time for that!'  and so I kept plugging on through the craziness & nausea.

Happy New Year!

In January, I kept gaining weight.  I was buying clothes one size up.  I couldn't figure out why my Adderall was not working! lol.   I even bought Zumba Core for Wii to start working out at home.

A friend told me to take a pregnancy test.  But there was no way I was wasting $15 on a test, when my husband had a vasectomy 4 years ago.  He was checked, and cleared by the doctor.  But I caved and headed to Walgreens, mostly to prove her wrong.

And what do you know?  That plus sign on the test showed up within seconds.  NO WAY.  I googled false positive.  Hmmm...a could be a tumor.  The odds of a vasectomy baby are 1/2000.  I called my doctor for an appointment.

My motto was 'Two and Through'.  I quit my full-time job in June, because we were done, and so close to no more daycare bills!   It can't be a baby.  It has to be a tumor. 

But, the doctor confirmed, (in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) - It's not a tumor.  

God has a sense of humor, and definitley has other plans for us, and this baby, as we now refer to GameChanger McGee.

GC McGee

12 weeks

We've laughed and cried.  But what do you do?  As Mike says, 'it is what it is'.  The shock has finally worn off, and now we are excited.  Mike isn't so excited that he will be 63 when this baby graduates high school.  But I remind him he shouldn't have married a younger trophy wife.  Ha!

We are praying for a healthy baby.  But of course Meredith is praying for a girl, and Will is praying for a boy.  And Tyler is just ready to get the heck out of dodge!  Bless his heart.

So plenty of blog fodder to come in 2013.  I didn't complete many home projects or any DIY in 2012, so I'm hoping for a more productive year.  I'm craving to paint some furniture!  I'll have to put my nesting energy to good use.

Happy Weekend!!  Looking forward to meeting other Memphis bloggers tomorrow night!